What ever golf tuition package you choose with me, I will discuss your needs and expectations to find the most suitable plan of improvement for your game.
As everybody is different in their size, flexibility and age, we work around your needs rather than coaching you to the perfect golf swing, because in reality there is no perfect swing. When you look at the world’s greatest players they all swing different from each other, but are all very capable of achieving amazing results.
Here at the Staffordshire Performance Golf Centre based at Calderfields Golf & Country Club I have invaluable experience in playing and coaching golf, so I guarantee you will not find a better place to learn and enjoy a great game. See my golf tuition packages below:

A perfect choice as an introduction to the game or if you are looking for a general swing check up and would like to work on a specific area of your game. We can tailor the golf lesson to suit your needs.


One of the best ways we learn is with our eyes, so with a high speed camera we will capture your golf swing and upload it to our computer whereI will analyse and offer suggestions to improve your golf swing. Video lessons consist of a 1 hour golf lesson with analysis using my high speed Casio Exilim Ex F1 camera supported by Mia Sports V1 digital software.


This package will suit any level of golfer and will include: video analysis with our high speed camera, swing development and practise drills for your golf swing and a lesson on chipping and putting on our practise academy putting green.


This is an ideal package for the complete beginner. I will guide you through the basics in preparation for the golf course. You will be given specific practise drills to improve your technique as well as video analysis and chipping and putting lessons.


If you are looking for a little extra time to improve your game this is the package for you, whatever your level! This package includes:
– An assessment of your golf swing and goals for the lessons
– Video analysis with our high speed camera
– Chipping, Putting and Bunker shots
– Swing development and practise drills for improvement
– How to get more power in your golf swing

I work with players of all standards, from beginners to PGA Professionals, and can offer specific programmes for each individual.

I am a certified PGA professional Golfer with over 25 years professional experience. I treat all of my students as individuals.

Book any of my lessons online now, just fill out the form and I will contact you to confirm your booking.

I am based in Dudley, UK and all of my lessons are ran from Dudley Golf Club.